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We’ve been training coaches for 20+ years, and we’ve spent the better part of our last 10 years gobbling up the latest research on neuroscience to create our brain-friendly Red Zone | Blue Zone Model.

Why Us?

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to “Change Minds, For Good” (starting with our own)! We believe respectful relationships and authentic conversations are the incubator for insight, action, and lasting change. We believe that every brain is wired for growth and capable of choosing well. We stand for growing our individual and collective capacity to feel good, think good, encounter good, and create good. If this resonates with you, you’re in the right place.

Our Courses

What We Offer


Roughly half the workforce doesn’t love their job — you can help people take charge of their careers and find the clarity to move forward.


Now, more than ever, the world needs leaders who can bring people together and create meaningful change. You can influence that.


Strengths are an ever-present “go-to”, equipping people to find the confidence to achieve their dreams and focus on what’s strong — not what’s wrong.

ICF Pathways

Professional Coaching is a $3B industry (up 21% in the past four years). Be part of the movement to change minds for good.

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Thousands of coaches, on six continents, who work in a range of environments, from coaching-niche entrepreneurs to top business schools to Fortune 500 companies in financial services, technology, healthcare, entertainment, advertising, and more.

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